Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


Huey Remixed 1992: Chuck D.

In October, 1992 in New York (US), a photo of Chuck D in a rattan chair, flanked by members of S1W, made by Jesse Frohman, was published in SPIN Magazine.

In the October issue of SPIN magazine, part of the article ‘Striking Black’, written by Scott Poulson-Bryant on page 47, a photo is published by Jesse Frohman. It shows Chuck D of Public Enemy, sittin in a rattan chair, holding in his right hand a shotgun and in his lefthand a spear. On both of sides of the chair, a S1W (Security of the First World) posing, wearing black berets, dark sunglases and military cloths. On the floor lies a zebra skin rug.

For the photo shoot, Chuck D wants to recreate a photograph of Huey Newton, founder, leader, and ministers of defence for the Black Panther Party. The assistants have found the props, and run about, setting them up against a pale white wall.

Chuck investigates. “Can’t y’all find an Uzi: he says, laughing and fingering the shotgun. “This is some Civil War shit here.”

(Spin, October 1991, page 106-107)

Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black is the fourth studio album by American hip hop group Public Enemy, released on October 1, 1991. (p.47)