Dialogue test: Black & white relations — 2

On November 26, 2015, I had a dialogue with Jacco van Sterkenburg about New powerful relation between black and white.

Jacco van Sterkenburg is researcher and ‘Assistant Professor’ at the Erasmus University, After his PhD, that explored representations of race/ethnicity and gender in sport media, his attention shifted towards exploring audience constructions of race/ethnicity, gender, and (dis)ability in the sport media.

From his professional position as a researcher, Jacco has a lot of knowledge on race and ethnicity and representation. The dialogue circled around the mechanism of race relations, and specifically on ‘institutional discrimination’ and ‘affirmative action’.

This dialogue first focussed on the role of intersectionality between classes and its disruptive and dichotomous effects. When are we talking about race, when ethnicity, when religion? In this system of inclusion or exclusion these classes intersect. On a scientific and academic level the concept of ethnicity is defined objectively, but when this is used on a social or cultural level, this classification leads to a diffused ‘frame of concept’. Jacco voiced that this model that focusses on the visual and is filled in by association, results in an ‘active thinking’, that could be a powerful addition to other types of research.