2015 — Five tribes of youth in Amsterdam

1. Creatives
2. Fraturnity members
3. Ajax-fans
4. HipHop-fans
5. Foreign students

Núria Arbonés Aran, language & cultural scientist, researched youth in Amsterdam. She defines 5 tribes.

  1. Creatives: want to become journalists, novel writers, designers, producers. See Amsterdam as a bohemian collection.
  2. Fraturnity members: like traditions, hierarchy, uniformity and brotherhood
  3. Ajax-fans: great diversity within the group, but held together by their love for Ajax
  4. HipHop-fans: very divers. For some it is some kind of protest-movement, a counter-culture (black awareness). For others it has some kind of nonchalance.
  5. Foreign students: idealized image of Amsterdam and the Netherlands is tolerant and free
Lifestyle drijft jongeren naar elkaar (2015.12.8-VK-p23)