“When we look at culture from the perspective of a practice of giving meaning, than language is the tool to give meaning with.”
—Stuart Hall

Language here is not only the written (words) or spoken (sound) but every element we use to express or communicate a thought, concept, idea or feeling: images, colors, textures, physical gestures, fashion or facial expression. Language –as Stuart Hall explains—  is a ‘system of representation’; a “set of things that construct and transmit meaning, […] a vehicle that carries meaning because they operate as symbols.” (Hall, 2003, p.5).

“…I [John Berger] am going to try to relate the experience of art directly to other experiences, and to use the means of reproduction as though they offered a language as though pictures were like words rather than holy relics.” (John Berger, Ways of Seeing #1, 28’05”)