Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


Embrace The Miscellaneous (2015+2016)

Year: 2015 & 2016
Course: 3 day Workshop Thesis Project Graduation, Graphic design (MFA), Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Baltimore, MA (USA)
Students: 20 students final graduating year of Master in Graphic Design
Download: Embrace-Misc-Workshop.pdf


“[…] Within research, the ‘miscellaneous’ folder is often overlooked, neglected and eventually discarded. You cannot use the thing you can’t pinpoint. That is a pity, because this folder contains the unknown territory; the land the true explorer wants to discover. The ‘miscellaneous folder’ contains data your intuition believes is useful, but, because your mind can not find a good label for it, it is left for dead in the uncultivated land of the ‘leftovers’. By providing you a serie of visual and conceptual methods of analysis, we will challenge you to embrace the miscellaneous and cultivate this uncultivated land.” (from the brief)

Embrace The Miscellaneous is a kick-start for the thesis project of the Master Graphic Design. We will focus on the role of design research and provide methods to explore your subject, expertise in relation to urgency, relevancy and your personal fascinations.

The workshop consisted of 3 mapping exercises that informed the concluding design of a Big Note To Self