The construct of race

White privilege and racism – a social experiment by Jane Elliott

How do you Identify Racism_ The Angry Eye with Jane Elliott via YouTube

Huey's Re-Mix

Huey’s Re-Mix 2017: Chadwick Boseman (a.k.a. Marvel’s Black Panther)


Encyclopedia of —isms

Cultural Diversity

Handout made in collaboration with Teana Boston-Mammah and Jan van Heemst for the project on Cultural Diversity Q7/8 as part of the Social Practice of the Willem de Kooning Academy


Encyclopedia of —isms



…“used to frighten me but now ‘for me to use the word queer is a liberation’’’
— Derek Jarman



Encyclopedia of —isms

‘Blank’ (a Dutch word)

means ‘pure’, ‘clean’, ‘fair’ ‘non-tainted’, ‘unwritten’ and ‘beautiful’.



Alexandra Bell Uses Her Public Art to Expose Media Racism

Bell, A Teenager With Promise, 2017. Image courtesy the artist