Michael Harriot’s 5 Types of ‘Becky’

Becky: (noun); a white woman who uses her privilege as a weapon, a ladder or an excuse. Ex: “A random Becky hit me up on Twitter to explain why not all white women are racist.”

In a hilarious piece published on theroot.com, Michael Harriot identifies 5 different (stereo)types of Becky. They are:

Rebecca  “It is easy to recognize a Rebecca. She can’t understand how anyone could be cruel to a puppy, but turns the channel when they talk about Trayvon Martin.”

Becca — “The most innocent of all Beckys, […] She voted for Barack Obama. She wears a safety pin and has a Black Lives Matter T-shirt. One of Becca’s best friends is black. She is an “ally.” […] She is willing to “do the work … ” But not really.”

Beckeisha“In their belief system, you can’t be offended when they appropriate a culture or call something “ghetto,” because they don’t have a racist bone in their body. […] Beckeishas slip on the temporary camouflage of black culture like a loose-fitting, swap-meet dashiki.”

Reba “Reba believes in a woman’s right to choose and wore a pink pussy hat to the Women’s March, but Reba believes all lives matter. Reba speaks of the glass ceiling but wonders why black people always play “the race card.” Reba believes that a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body, but agrees that your hair is “unprofessional.””

Beckzilla “All Beckzillas know that white womanhood is a credit card with an unlimited balance. After all, if you are born with the ultimate privilege of white womanhood, why not use it to your advantage?”