Welcome to Post-What?!?

18 september 2017

    This site is the home of the ongoing design research on visual identity politics in an age of cultural diversity by the Studio for Visual Pop.Culture.

    We have been researching for a long time in the secure surroundings of the studio. And as a result the research only is presented after the act. Which is -for a research that react directly on what happend in the world- always too late. As a design studio we normally focus on the final product and that needs to be perfect. But for design research, that focusses on the work process in itself, we have to choose progression over perfection. This online platform is created in order to be to open up the process of research and share it -and all of its flaws, mistakes, incompleteness, naiveties and imperfections- with the world.

    Please consider this site as a environment-under-construction of constant learning and continuous development. If you want to keep up informed, please send us a mail.