Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


“Why you can’t have White Pride…” @tizzyent on Tik Tok

So [white pride] represents superiority and hate and [black pride] a fight for equality.

In this Tik Tok video published on October 9th, filmmaker Michael McWhorter is sharing his take on Black Pride and White Pride.

“[…] There’s nu such thing as white pride in part because there is no white culture. You can have pride based on you ethnicity like Scottish, German, Irish and even have regional pride like southern pride. These things usually apply to you cultural identity, like how you grew up, etc. […] some people argue:”Well, other colors have pride?”. No they don’t. Chicano, Latino Pride, Asian pride. These are not colors. The one exception is black pride and that’s because they’ve had an unique experience no one else has. Black Americans were robbed of their culture. They don’t know where they come from. […] What they do know, is that their American experience was similar. […] the thing that connects them, is the color of their skin and how society has treated them as a result. You also have to consider where the terms white pride and black pride originated. White pride was coined by white supremacists, black pride is from the black power and Civil Rights Movement. So one represents superiority and hate and the other a fight for equality.”

Watch original on Tik Tok here.