Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


Tele-exotica (2020)

Year: 2020
Commissioned by: Cohors
In collaboration with: Rianne Petter
Media: Wall art (50×70 mm) + 4 objects (15 x 21 cm)


In close collaboration with design label COHORS, the Studio for Visual Pop.Culture (Mark Mulder & Rianne Petter) presents:
“Tele-exotica: A pop art memorial for a year to forget”
Tele-exotica is an alternative view on the current covid-19-pandemic. It speculates on a new reality in which desire, anxiety, remoteness, escapism and longing for touch are re-imagined and remixed into new tactics of tangibility.
This project consists of a wall art (50 x 70 cm printed on 5 mm acrylate) and 4 table objects (15 x 21 cm printed on 10 mm acrylate).

You can buy these design objects on: