Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


Introduction: Jazz—Visual Culture, Style & Attitude

4 januari 2021

    Download full introduction: 2021-Jazz-VisualCultureStyleAttitude.pdf

    This ‘Introduction: Jazz—Visual Culture, Style & Attitude’ was given as part of the Elective North Sea Jazz Poster Competition for BA Art and Design Students at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam.

    This introduction aims to inspire and share references. This introduction is not a history of jazz and does not claim to be complete. Not it is a way to explain what jazz as a musical style and movement entails. By providing inspirational examples this introduction want to help with finding out what jazz as a cultural, artistic and social movement is and how we —visual artists— can make use of the creative and conceptual attitudes of jazz.

    Extra! Recommendations on Netflix.

    Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

    What Happened, Miss Simone (On Nina Simone).

    I call him Morgan (on Trumpet-player Lee Morgan)