Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


Huey Remixed 2021: Fredrika Newton

On December 04, 2021 in Oakland, CA (USA), a photo of Fredrika Newton in a rattan chair, was posted on Instagram, @hueypnewtonfoundation.

FREDRIKA NEWTON is the co-founder and president of the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation, former Black Panther Party member, and widow of Huey P. Newton.

“Fredrika Newton joined the Black Panther Party as a youth member in 1969. She first met Huey P. Newton in 1970, marrying him eleven years later in 1981. They lived together until Newton’s death in 1989 with Ms. Newton establishing the Huey P. Newton Foundation, a non-profit educational organization, in 1993. Serving as the Foundation’s President, she operates the community-based programs, which include literacy, voter outreach and health-related components.”(

“The Mission of the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation is to preserve and promulgate the history, ideals and legacy of the Black Panther Party and its founder Dr. Huey P. Newton. In prior years we have developed and distributed educational materials, established educational conferences and forums, and maintained and exhibited historical archives.”(