Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society



Let me introduce you to Huey Remixed; a project that investigates how remix strategies are used in art, design and visual culture through the reproductions and appropriations of the iconic image of Huey P. Newton in a Rattan Chair.

A book, a shirt, a movie, a mixtape, a database.

The Studio for Visual Pop.Culture is excited to present the first products of this ongoing researchproject. The results (in the right column) are making use of a database of found footage that we collected through years of visual crate digging for versions of Huey in a Rattan Chair. From that database, we designed the first volume, The Timeline, that consist of a book, a movie and a worldtour-shirt. We wrote articles to make sense of what we found. We wanted to understand the context —the legacy of the revolutionary politics of the Black Panther Party— in which the image is made. And we made a mixtape.

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Are you a publicist, writer, artist, activist, researcher, educator or curator? We are open to collaboration.

We are looking for partners, kindred spirits and allies to move this project forward: to take it to the stage and to dig deeper into the world of revolutionary art and visual remix strategies.

We would love to see the book published and distributed worldwide. We want to collaborate and interact with artists, designers, activists, and writers on future research activities. We want to take this project to the classroom; to teach and to learn about remix strategies through workshops and lectures. We want to see all the above curated and exhibited in a museum.

For collaborations, mail or call/text +31 6 41 19 01 83.


Links for further exploration.

There is much more to show. For your convenience, we made the following links to get you introduced to the project.

The Book - On Issuu The Movie - On YouTube The Shirt - On post-what

The Database - On Post-What The Mixtape - On Spotify

The Project - Overview


Mark Mulder (1976) is a graphic designer, design researcher, educator and cultural producer who lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He is the founder of the Studio for Visual Pop.Culture.

Studio for Visual Pop.Culture is a design research studio based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The studio designs and researches visual identity politics and remix society. is the online research space of the Studio for Visual Pop.Culture. The objective of this site is to show and share the research-in-progress.


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