Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


New Position (Prince and The Revolution,1986)

The Studio for Visual Pop.Culture is a studio for strategic brand design, with a focus on conceptual, process driven and strategic design. By combining marketing-strategy and design, we build brands and visual identities. With our experience in Design Thinking we coach companies through custom-made workshops. In the project we do, we are always looking for the company’s purpose and how we can actively use in our design strategies.

What makes the Studio for Visual Pop.Culture unique is the Pop.’ This means that we design for public consumption, whether it is for cultural, corporate or commercial clients. It also means that the designs we make are defined as conceptual with an awareness and reference to the heritage of (graphic) design, art and visual pop.culture. We put all of that in the remix; to honour, alter and defy the giants on whose shoulders we stand.

The Studio is -by definition- a collaboration. We have build a large network of writers, strategists, educators and coaches, printers, webagencies and producers that will get the job done.