About this site

Post-what.com is the online research space of the Studio for Visual Pop.Culture. This design research focusses on Visual Identity Politics in the age of Cultural Diversity.

The main objective of this site is the open up the design research. By exposing it, we can show what is in progress. We can present to you what we are doing while we are doing it. Via this platform we are able to share our collections, our first preliminary insights, our new found knowledges, our visual ideas and design experiments. And we also want this platform to become the point of departure for dialogues on the topics we are addressing.

This research space will contain a patchwork of images, texts, re-posts, cut ’n’ pastes, quotes, summaries, collections, visual deconstructions and remixes, theoretical references, archives, personal questions, (visual) essays, research descriptions and bold statements. Please view this online environment as a lifework and a living organism; some parts are finished and archived, some will be reincarnated, some collections have matured into a clearly structured homebase and some  are premature and are looking for a place.

Altogether this uncanny collection of data, sources and designs represent the structured chaos of the design research. One day it will all make sense.

About Design Research #0: On Classification

On Classification is the first finished research project. This paper describes the research conducted from 2014 until 2016 during the Master Design. It shows what this projects entails and how the design research was done, i.e. methods and tools. Part of this design research is the database ‘Everyday People Every day’ and ‘Incomplete Timeline of Human Classification