Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society

The Post-What Reading guide

This blog is a work-in-progress. Through this blog, we publish, share and open up our research. That also means that different posts have different statuses. We have categorised this in different stages, making use of the format that WordPress provides.

The seven stages of an article

Stage 0 — Found footage/ objet trouvé. On a first level, you can find posts that show a single image or quote, with a reference to the source. This can be seen as a note on a copy-paste level. With no interpretation or introduction.

Stage 1 — Found footage mix. In this phase, multiple sources are combined to diversify the understanding of the subject.

Stage 2 — Found footage remix. When the source material is being altered, manipulated and transformed it moves to the ‘remix’ phase. This could be done with an introduction, the addition of a caption to a found image or the interpretation of texts from an outside source. In this phase a first level of discours is happening.

Stage 3 — First draft article. This means that the post becomes an article, visual essay. The essence of this phase is that the posts is written or designed in a more coherent manner. We have put effort in it to create a compelling and communicative narrative.

Stage 4 — Second draft article. After feedback —either from ourselves or from external experts/peers— the article is improved and published again.

Stage 5 — Published as part of a research project. In this phase the article moves from a ‘post’ to a ‘page’. The article is not seen as a singular piece; it has become part of a larger research project. Thus it is in need of an editorial design and a table of content.

Stage 6 — Published outside. When an article a part of a research project is published outside of this website, it has moved to the last and final stage. Then is it done.