System of Representation (2020)

Year: 2020
Course: Representation (Design & Image), Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
Students: 1st year, 3rd term (8 weeks), 75 students, Major Graphic Design BA.


This class is part of a last term in the first year of the Major Graphic Design, titled “Graphic Design for the Other”. As a class that is focussed on design research, we take the other (audience/public/receiver/user) as the main focus of our inquiry. We aim to understand the other and the crucial part it plays in a good (graphic) design. We research to understand the complexity of that other, that interact between a human and a representation, beyond the stereotype. We start from a human-centred perspective: a position of empathy and equity.

Below you can see an outcome of this class: Senka’s Guide to Queer Culture, designed by Senka Milutinovic and published here with permission. Check out Senka’s other work:

“Senka’s Guide to Queer Culture” designed by © Senka Milutinovic