How We Make Research (2019)

Year: 2019
Part of Research Station, Willem de Kooning Academy, in collaboration with: Aldje van Meer, Shailoh Phillips, Lili Huston-Herterich
Media: Booklet with interviews + datavisualisation/mapping + exhibition + conversations


How We Make Research is a benchmark research initiated by Aldje van Meer (innovation manager Stations), the Research Station (Mark Mulder & Lily Huston-Herterich) and PhD-candidate Critical Making Shailoh Phillips at the Willem de Kooning Academy.

How We Make Research consists of a series of interviews with station coordinators, documented in a A5-booklet, an exhibition on display at the Research Station from February until June 2019, and a series of semi-public conversations in that same period. The goal of this project is show and share knowledge about research-by-making at the stations: to become aware of expertise, to notice similarities, overlaps and connections, to reflect on what research is and what it can be, to strengthen existing collaborations and create new alliances.

How We Make Research (2019) Booklet


How We Make Research Exhibition

How We Make Research Conversations