How We Make Research (2019)

Year: 2019
Part of Research Station, Willem de Kooning Academy, in collaboration with: Aldje van Meer, Shailoh Phillips, Lili Huston-Herterich
Media: Booklet with interviews + datavisualisation/mapping + exhibition + conversations


How We Make Research is a benchmark research initiated by Aldje van Meer (innovation manager Stations), the Research Station (Mark Mulder & Lily Huston-Herterich) and PhD-candidate Critical Making Shailoh Phillips at the Willem de Kooning Academy.

How We Make Research consists of a series of interviews with station coordinators, documented in a A5-booklet, an exhibition on display at the Research Station from February until June 2019, and a series of semi-public conversations in that same period. The goal of this project is show and share knowledge about research-by-making at the stations: to become aware of expertise, to notice similarities, overlaps and connections, to reflect on what research is and what it can be, to strengthen existing collaborations and create new alliances.