On Classification (2016)

Year: 2014-2016
Part of: Master Design
Media: Database + data visualisations + visual dialogues + essay + publication
More: Design Research #0: On Classification


‘#0 — On Classification’ focusses on mechanisms of human classification, which means the socio-political system of organizing people into groups. This research project explores the diverse, intricate and delicate ways the identity of social groups is constructed and how this construct is used as a political tool to define people and cast them into groups. Who makes these groups and how are they made? What are the parameters for typing? Which mechanism of division are used? And with which effects? Which strategies are used and by whom? And what are the consequences of the classification for the way individuals in a social group are perceived in media and in real life? When does typing become stereotyping? And how can these stereotypes be contested?

The topics and questions above are at the core of this design research, which is the result of a 2-year study at Master Design. You can find the compete research on: Design Research #0: On Classification