Huey’s Re-Mix 1970: Happy Birthday Huey

On February 17, 1970 in Oakland CA, USA, a duotone image of Huey in a Rattan Chair with the caption ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUEY’ made by Emory Douglas from the original photo by Eldridge Cleaver, was published in ‘The Black Panther. Vol.4, No.10.

“This image of Huey P. Newton, a founder of the Black Panther, appeared in the first official issue of The Black Panther – Black Community News Service. Fellow Panther Eldridge Cleaver selected props such as the zebra skin rug and Zulu shields to evoke the fearless leadership of a warrior king. Newton was even seated in a throne-like rattan ‘peacock’ chair, spear in one hand, shot gun in the other. The image of an African American man armed defensively was a powerful statement of intent in marked contrast of the nonviolent campaigns for integration. Elaine Brown, who led the Black Panther Party from 1974-1977, said the photographic poster of Newton has been her ‘introduction to revolutionary art’.”

Description found in the exhibition “Soul of a Nation” at Tate Modern, London (UK), October 18, 2017