Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society




Sir Mix A Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’ ft. ‘Becky’

Sir Mix-a-lot: Baby got back (1992)

1001 streams of blackness

James Brown & ‘Your bad self’

James Brown advertising mystery of black — found online


1001 streams of whiteness

Institutional Racism

White Privilege Is Real, and Now There’s Research to Prove it

This privilege is felt in nearly every sector of society. In the workforce in employers choosing to interview candidates with “white” names over those with “ethnic” ones. […] And in the justice system, white privilege means African Americans make up 57 percent of the people in state prison for drug offenses, even though blacks and whites use drugs at similar rates and whites sell drugs at higher rates.


Institutional Racism

When People Say “Black” Instead of “African-American”

“By significant margins, white participants believed that the black applicant was lower status, with less education and less annual income than the African-American applicant.


Identity politics

Who’s afraid of Red, Green and Black?

Advertisement found in Volkskrant Magazine, inside cover (p2), Sa January 27, 2007.