Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society

2016.01.15: Dialogue on Citizenship

On 15 January 2016, during Research Day @ Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL), a dialogue took place between Quinsy Gario (artist and activist), Nancy Hoffmann (cultural producer and activist) & Cindy van den Bremen (social and empathic designer) about Active Participation in Nationality & Citizenship

Introduction to the dialogue National identity is more than your passport or identitycard. Dutch citizenship is a shared activity Having a citizenship means that you are actively part of the proces of giving meaning to this common identity via symbols, events and conversations. However, in the current discours being Dutch is defined as ‘part of’ or ‘no part of’. The nation is divided based on etnicity, religion and color, that makes one Dutch ‘more equal’ than the other. It gives one more right to be here than the other
Let’s have a dialogue on national identity an citizenship. What does this mean, imply and entail for us? Which cards from the database can represent a alternative definition of Dutch citizenship? How can we come to a more inclusive Dutch national identity? How can this visual dialogue help us.