Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society

Huey Remixed; A research project

Huey Remixed is an ongoing research project that investigates how remix strategies are used in design, art and visual culture. The collection of remixes of ‘Huey P. Newton in a rattan chair’ is a case study that aims to deconstruct the principles of remix through methods such as sampling, collecting, indexing, appropriating, contextualising and collaging.

This project unfolds itself through a variety of media. The website functions as a repository of collected information and shows the results of the methods used to deconstruct the remixed image. Browse through the chapters (The Sample, The Remix, The Original, The Context) or click on this link to see the complete timeline.

Next to the website we used several other media to present parts of the research. At this moment we are proud to present the first publication, titled ‘The Timeline’. This book (90x 13mm, 376 pages) captures and collects the many reproductions and appropriations of the iconic image of the co-founder and Minister of Defense of the Black Panther Party and presents them chronologically and in a repetitive sequence. If you are interested in the book, or want to collaborate to take this project to the next level, please send us a mail.

The database of reproductions and appropriations serves as the foundation for further understanding of the principles of remix in art, design and visual culture. In the upcoming volumes, we will investigate the role of the original and the copy in remix, the relationship between author and audience, the progression and regression of meaning and the concept of rewriting history through the art of remix.

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This publication was conceived, collected, organized, edited, written and designed by Mark Mulder at Studio for Visual Pop.Culture.

Mark Mulder (1976) is a graphic designer, design researcher, educator and cultural producer who lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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