Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society

Reversing the stereotype

‘Let’s Talk About Race’ by Chris Buck

fotoserie ‘Let’s Talk About Race’


Designing dialogue

Dialogue test: Black & white relations — 2

A dialogue with Jacco van Sterkenburg about New powerful relation between black and white.


1001 streams of blackness


Encyclopedia of —isms

Black vs black

“I write “Black” with a capital B because this term addresses first and foremost political and historical dimensions of the concept of Blackness, and relates only indirectly to skin complexion.”
— Adusei-Poku


Identity politics

The Majority is a Minority

5 categories

Incomplete timeline of human classification

1995 — Voluntary Affirmative Action Information

Designed by Players Casino (Found in a record sleeve of funkband WAR. In possession of the author.)

3 categories

Incomplete timeline of human classification

1890 — Etnographische Karte Verbreitung der Menschenrassen