Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society

About Mark Mulder

“What would you say is the decisive attitude for the future? I’d bet on the ability to reposition one’s identity. As individual, as a team, as a culture, as organisation and as a society.”

Mark Mulder (Delft 1976) has dealt quite a lot with questions of identity as his professional life roots deeply into the fields of graphic design, art & design education, design research and (cultural) management. The different trails he has walked, contributed to a hybrid practice, characterized by intellectual, conceptual, practical, and visual elasticity.

No insignificant attitude, since disruptive changes urge society to adapt, resulting in a call for innovative strategies. Although developing these may feel like engaging with the unknown, Mark found that there are elements to hold on to. The design and visualisation of a good process for example. This goes beyond the analysis of the case. It also takes the ability to form bottom up collaborations, empowering people to engage and have the final result organically find its shape. Doing justice to the complexity of the situation.

Finally, Mark’s biggest source of reference cannot remain unmentioned: music culture! Having played funk, fusion and free jazz in several bands during his formative years, Mark adapted a receptive mindset for creative processes that are open, organic and participatory. As he immersed in the artistic, cultural, political and disruptive aspects of music culture, he developed a vivid fascination for visual identity politics.

November 2020