Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society

Out Now! Huey Remixed: The Movie

Click here to watch Huey Remixed, The Timeline-Movie. Huey Remixed, The Timeline-movie captures and collects the many reproductions and appropriations of the iconic image of the co-founder and Minister of Defense of the Black Panther Party and presents them chronologically and as a sequence.

The Movie - On YouTube

Are you a publicist, writer, artist, activist, researcher, educator or curator? We are open to collaboration. We are looking for partners, kindred spirits and allies to move this project forward: to take it to the stage and to dig deeper into the world of revolutionary art and visual remix strategies.

We would love to see the book published and distributed worldwide. We want to collaborate and interact with artists, designers, activists, and writers on future research activities. We want to take this project to the classroom; to teach and to learn about remix strategies through workshops and lectures. We want to see all the above curated and exhibited in a museum.