Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society

2016.09.23: Dialogue on Rotterdam Noord

Mapping relations in Rotterdam Noord: On 23 September 2016, during Research Day II @ Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (NL), a dialogue took place between students of the Minor Cultural Diversity about the potential of Noord.

The visual dialogue as a research tool got another iteration as part of a program for the Minor Cultural Diversity, part of the Social Practice. This Minor is an interdisciplinary course for 4th year students of the Willem de Kooning Academy. The brief of the project is to ‘find and bring to the surface the human potential in Rotterdam Noord’.

The students were asked to create their own database of found footage (i.e. photo’s, interviews, infographics, statistics, quotes, etc) they gathered in the North of Rotterdam. This resulted in a collective database of 150 pieces. This was the database with which the students had the option to choose from four visual different dialogues.