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Intersectionality is ‘a mode of thinking that intersects identities and systems of social oppression and domination’.


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Incomplete timeline of human classification

2015 — Five tribes of youth in Amsterdam

1. Creatives
2. Fraturnity members
3. Ajax-fans
4. HipHop-fans
5. Foreign students


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The need for a critical approach to Critical and Speculative Design

…”So answering [designer James] Auger’s pressing question — “What is this obsession with class systems?” —, well: we are obsessed with class systems because we can’t help it. Because, in contrast to most of the practitioners in the field of [Speculative and Critical Design], we do not have the privilege of not thinking about issues of race, class and gender.


3 categories

Incomplete timeline of human classification

1890 — Etnographische Karte Verbreitung der Menschenrassen