Identity politics

Identity (construct of…)

“Now part of what”…“I see as the problem is the idea of anybody’s having to fight the fragmentation and multicultural diversity of the world, not to mention outright oppression, by constructing something so rigid as an identity, an identity in which there has to be a fixed and immobile core, a core that is structured to hold inviolate such a complete biological fantasy as race— whether white or black”  —Samuel R. Delany, interviewed by Mark Dery, 1994


Encyclopedia of —isms



Intersectionality is ‘a mode of thinking that intersects identities and systems of social oppression and domination’. http://www.thestranger.com/features/2017/04/19/25082450/the-heart-of-whiteness-ijeoma-oluo-interviews-rachel-dolezal-the-white-woman-who-identifies-as-black

Intersectionality means that the use and abuse of power is often happening in a combination of classification. It is a “way of looking at the world that takes a principled stance that it is not enough merely to take [a identificatory classification such as] gender as the main analytical tool of a particular phenomenon, but that gender as an important social and symbolical axis of difference is simultaneously operative with other like race, class, sexuality, and religion”. (Wekker, 2016, p21).