Identity (construct of…)

“Now part of what”…“I see as the problem is the idea of anybody’s having to fight the fragmentation and multicultural diversity of the world, not to mention outright oppression, by constructing something so rigid as an identity, an identity in which there has to be a fixed and immobile core, a core that is structured to hold inviolate such a complete biological fantasy as race— whether white or black”  —Samuel R. Delany, interviewed by Mark Dery, 1994

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A cultural identity is how a social or cultural group is defined. This identification is not focussed on the individual or personal identity of members of the group, but on the way a group or a community is identified. That means: which objects, events and people are used as symbols to define this group? How are they used to give meaning or give us a sense of who we are and to whom are related to. This meaning is produced at several different sites, different moment and through different media.