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Huey Remixed: The Timeline – Reviews.

“Panther p(r)op is still alive and kicking, beating the drum on inequality and social justice up to today.

Mulders’ Huey Remixed: The Timeline helps us to remember we all carry that wicker chair on our shoulders into the future, along with the heavy content and signals that becoming increasingly layered and complex over time. This specific type of image research is crucial to the art practice and helps creativists like me to substantiate vision and strategy with things that can hardly be expressed in words.”

Nancy Hoffmann, Art Historian and creative producer, founder of CAN, Creative Action Now!

“The imagery of the Black Liberation struggle in the USA from the 1960s onward has been enduringly powerful. Mark’s collection of remixes of Huey Newton’s iconic photo not only captures but emphasises the role of art in struggle.

Both in single images and the whole collection, Mark shows the persisting history of art and struggle is found in the power of pop cultural remixing. The careful selection of images ensures that Mark is not presenting a home décor catalogue themed on Liberation Vogue: Rattan but instead capturing the many personas of revolutionaries, activists, musicians, and artists. With short texts explaining the context and impact of the remixed image, one cannot help but unravel the choices made in the artist’s remixing and the connection shared with the original photo.

In reading this, I have better understood the intersectionality of the Black Liberation struggle as I see the countless mediums and motives emphasising aspects of the Black Panther Party. Beyond content, the formatting of the book and quality of the images ensures it never spends long on the shelf. If you are struggling to pick a favourite Huey, the cover folds out into a beautiful poster with images of every Huey in the book.

My Favourite Huey: May 1970, New Haven Panther Office

Jason Irwin, Barber Extraordinaire


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