Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


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What we believe

At the core of the Studio for Visual Pop.Culture is the drive to create.
We use the life force energy of creativity to envision new worlds, to visualise new businesses and to reveal your identity. Creativity helps us imagine who we are in the world we live in.

Good design transforms ambition into action.
The Studio for Visual Pop.Culture believes that good design gives people, communities and organisations the confidence to put their products or services out into the world. Design that manifests the drive and purpose, empowers and enables you to take the first step into the right direction.

Originality is innovation by appropriation.
The Studio believes in the power of remix. Our designs do not stand alone. they are part of existing society and culture. We embrance that our work is indebted to popular culture, socio-political movements and art & design history. Our designs conceptually refer to, subvert or build upon this heritage to create something new.

What we value

Empathy & dialogue
When we work on a project, we will work together, side by side. We value an open, honest and equal conversation. We approach a project and the people involved with empathy.

Critically curious & purpose driven
For good design solutions, we have to be critically curious. Why do you do what you do? Are the assumptions that we both have true? Based on experience, intuition or research? To get to the founders energy we aim to find the intrinsic motivation of your business.

Methodology, analysis & process based design
In order to work as effective as we promise, the Studio makes use of a large variety of tools, methods and visual models. They help us to get to the point as quickly as possible.

Conceptual & strategic
When we design, we always look for meaningful, visionary and urgent idea, that will be translated in a durable and strategic design made for the future.

Intellectual & accessible
We love art, design, cultural and socio-political theory and history. We love to make theoretical ideas accessible through design. We love to appreciate and appropriate visual culture.

Authentic & loyal
When you engage with the Studio for Visual Pop.Culture, you get a loyal partner that does not hold back and will get the job done.

What we do

The Studio for Visual Pop.Culture creates brands & strategies, visual identities, editorial designs and research projects.

We design, research, educate and organise. We create, produce, observe and collect. We analyse, write, lecture, moderate, coach, learn and share. We  conceptualize, strategize and visualize.

Over the past years, the Studio for Visual Pop.culture has designed: album covers; animation; appropriations; archives; art poster; articles (text); banners; balloons; blog; booklets; brand design; brand guides; brochures; business cards;  buttons; calendars; (post)cards; car lettering; certificates; coins (commemorative); collections; concept books; conversations; curricula; dialogue sessions; documentation; do-it-yourself manuals; editorial design; essays (visual); events; exhibitions; flyers; folders; forms; gatherings; guidebook/guidelines; identity toolkits; identity design; indexes; infographics; information design; interventions; interviews; invitations; jewellery; lectures; lesson plans; logo’s; manuals; mappings; merchandise; newsletters; newspapers & journals; patches; posters; presentations; process and evaluation reports; promotional items; stands; stationary; stickers; social media templates; tablecloth; tape (signalling); templates; timelines; timetables; tote bags; tombstones; t-shirts; typefaces; vouchers; websites/shops; window lettering & dressing; workshops.

Some stuff that’s on our wishlist: motion graphics, a clothing line, zeppelin, wallpaper, AI-generated images, a podcast, a documentary, a non-fiction book on visual remix strategies, and more.