“Western Flag” Installation by John Gerrard in Texas


The surprising truth about Duchamp’s urinal

Duchamp stole this iconic act from fabulous Dada poet and artist Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. — Counterfire


Encyclopedia of —isms



“When it comes to defending Barack against the charge that he’s not Black enough, I tell folk, ‘Well, I’ve know him for over fifteen years, and what I’ve noticed is that he’s proud of his race, but that doesn’t capture the range of his identity. He’s rooted in, but not restricted by his Blackness'” — Michael Eric Dyson in the forword of “Who’s afraid of Post-Blackness” by Touré.


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Nederlandse kunstinstellingen en etnocentrisme (Metropolis M)

De Nederlandse kunstwereld word gedomineerd door het ‘egocentrisme en het dominante, westerse etnocentrisme’.— Meta Knol in 2006