Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


The goal of this project is to educate creatives (artists, designers, writers, photographers, etc) on visual remix strategies. Plus we want to spread the history of the revolutionary politics of the Black Panther Party through this project.

This project is in the phase of finding a publisher for the book or funding to reach a larger audience. For publishing options or collaborations, contact us via or +31 6 41 19 01 83.


A research project about derived work, reproductions and appropriations needs to have a post on credits and copyright. Right?

Copyright of the found footage.

All of the work in the database (that is the base for this project) is found (and copied) from other authors. We (Studio for Visual Pop.Culture) do not retain copyright on any of the images. In the phase the book is in (designed, but not published) we haven’t reached out to any of the artists or authors to ask permission to show the work in this publication or on this platform. Having said that, we also want to emphasise that all of the footage presented in this publication is intended as a citation, and thus is permitted under citation right.

The Studio for Visual Pop.Culture made an effort to find and credit the author of the work. In the book and on every individual post in the “Timeline of Huey Remixed“, their names can be found. In the “List of sources of the found footage of Huey Remixed” we provide all  the links to the used sources. We have taken an effort to credit the creator in the best possible way, so that they get the credits they deserve. This publication is not made with a commercial intent, and does not wish to exploit the creators of the content. If any of the authors or copyright owners takes issue, you are invited to contact us:

The original photo of Huey P. Newton in a Rattan Chair is under copyright of Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation.

Creative Commons

The text of this project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No DerivativesWork4.0 international licence.

The full license can be found at creative

Go to the “List of sources of the found footage of Huey Remixed
Go to the “Timeline of Huey Remixed” to see the authors credited.