Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society

Criteria For Selection

Not just every photograph of a person sitting in a rattan chair is a remix of Huey in a rattan and thus not every image can be part of the collection. But which image is and which isn’t? We have created a list of selection criteria for an image to be part of the database. Check at least two boxes.


[1] A revolutionary soldier, facing the viewer, fierce, unapologetic and cool;

[2] sitting in a rattan chair, a chair that looks like a throne;

[3] wearing a uniform, black leather jacket, black beret, powder blue shirt;

[4] holding weapons of choice, an African spear and an assault rifle;

[5] flanked by two objects; African war shields;

[6] on top of a carpet, a zebra-skin rug;

[7] in a symmetrical and centered composition;

[  ] channeling revolution, liberation, black power and/or counterculture.