Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


Research has always been a part of the design work of the Studio, but since 2016 we have made this a profiling part of our practice. Through design research, the Studio deconstructs modern mythologies in visual pop.culture. We want to understand ‘how things work?’ —making use of our critical curiosity— in the realm of design, art & visual culture. The subjects the Studio works on are: visual identity politics, remix-strategies, (system of) representation (S. Hall) and Society of the Spectacle (G. Debord) in 21C.

Portfolio Research

Huey Remixed Worldtour Tshirt

Portfolio Research

Designing Dialogue on Citizenship (2016)

Designing Dialogue: Underlayment (150 cm x 150 cm) for dialogue on ‘Dutch Citizenship’


Portfolio Research

The Post—#0 Publication (2016)

Portfolio Design

Portfolio Research

Zihni Özdil on Institutional Racism (2014)