Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


Studio for Visual Pop.Culture is a studio for visual communication and design research, specialised in visual identity politics.

The studio is engaged in issues of transition with a special focus on representation for corporations, (cultural) institutes and education. The studio makes use of ‘mapping’; not only as a tool for analysis and information, but also as structure to instigate an inclusive dialogue. All participants are encouraged to add to this dialogue from their expertise and (lived) experience. As part of the design trajectory, these dialogues through mapping are knowledge-based and process driven, critical yet open, based on curiosity, equality and drive for change.

The Studio is founded by Mark Mulder. The Studio is the initiator of the research platform

Profiling Projects

(1) Design Research Post-what (2016-…) research platform on questions of visual identity politics #1—On Remix: how principles, aesthetics and disruptive strategies derived from remix-culture can be applied as tools for visual analyses. Casestudy: “The Remixed History of Huey in a Rattan Chair” (2020) 

(2) As Coordinator Research Station (2017-2020)

How We Make Research: on research by making (2019); Experimental space with a focus on inclusivity: ‘Black Book Club’, ‘Brown Bag Lunch’ & ‘The Queer Agenda’; Towards a Future Proof Library: on multiplicity and more equal distribution of knowledge (2019)

(3) As Educator in art & design (2007-…)

Mapping Noordereiland (2008-2011); Remix! Decolonizing Dutch Cultural Archive (2017); Big Note to Self (MFA MICA) (2016&2017); Remix as a researchmethod for visual analysis (2018); System of Representation: Mapping social groups, visual representation and stereotypes (2018)

(4) Design Research Master Design (2014-2016)

#0–On Classification: mechanisms of contemporary human classification, as seen in a media reality.
Methodology: Theoretical/historical research; Creating a database; Datavisualisations; Visual dialogues & participatory research methods. 

(5) As Course Leader Graphic Design (2010-2016) 

Member Curriculum Development Team for Inter­disciplinary Project-based Educational Model (2012); Implementing the educational model on curriculum: planning, assesments, learning trajectories, teacher teams & student group dynamics; Presenting this model to international peers @ MICA (Baltimore, USA) & Emily Carr (Vancouver, CA) (2013) 

(6) Studio for Visual Pop.Culture (2002-…) 

Protected Cityscapes of Rotterdam: information & communication design (2019); WdKA Makes A Difference: action-based research identity & publication (2017); Jazz Festival Delft: visual identity & communication strategy (2008-2012); V/H Nwe Binnenweg: designing & programming dialogue on urban revitalising (2010); Volkskrant Oog: Obama in Black & White: on racism (2008)

(7) Graduation Projects (2002)

Fight The Power!: on representation and racial stereotypes in visual culture; Cartography of Cultural Identities: mapping on diversity in visual culture; New Encyclopedia: a website on multiplicity of knowledge and power

download: 2019-Portfolio-VisualPopCulture.pdf
download: StudioforVisualPop.Culture-Portfolio-2008-2013.pdf (20.3mb)