Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


This portfolio presents a selection of work made by Mark Mulder and Studio For Visual Pop.Culture. The portfolio is a reflection of a hybrid professional practice, that covers the field of graphic design and visual communication, design research, education in art & design, project coordination and management. Although the work is divided in four different subcategories, they intersect and overlap. They come from one common driving force; the act of design as a way to deal with complex issues.

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Graphic Design & Visual Communication

The work of the Studio for Visual Pop.Culture (2002) is characterised by a conceptual and strategic approach, with a long lasting experience in visual and corporate identity design, editorial design and information design. The Studio’s wants to create engagement with audiences through the experience of design: combining the love for pop.culture with graphic design traditions and art history. More…

Suggested work: Stichting Creative Action Now (2021/22)Practical Guide for Protected Cityscapes (2019)WdKA Makes a Difference (2017)Jazz Festival Delft (2008-12).

Design Research

Research has always been a part of the design work of the Studio, but since 2016 we have made this a profiling part of our practice. Through design research, the Studio deconstructs modern mythologies in visual pop.culture. We want to understand ‘how things work?’ —making use of our critical curiosity— in the realm of design, art & visual culture. The subjects the Studio works on are: visual identity politics, remix-strategies, (system of) representation (S. Hall) and Society of the Spectacle (G. Debord) in 21C. This site,, functions as a repository for the research in progress. More…

Suggested work: Huey Remixed (2017-…); Stereotypes (2014-…)Designing Dialogue on Citizenship (2016).

Education in Art & Design

Next the Studio, Mark works since 2007 as a tutor, lecturer, organiser and curriculum developer in art and design education. Mark’s experience is extensive and diverse, addressing subjects of graphic design, cultural diversity and music & visual culture to remix-strategies and design research. Mark has worked for WdKA (Rotterdam), HKU (Utrecht) and MICA (Baltimore, USA). He is driven by the desire to make complex theoretical concepts accessible and tangible for artists and designers. In other words, understanding theory through creating work. More…

Suggested work: Remix-strategies (2019-…); What Would Reid Miles Do? (2022); Embrace The Miscellaneous (2015+2016).

Project coordination & management

The need to see design —beyond the products— as an activity that can organise innovative and impactful change, is a driving force for this practice. With experience in project coordination, communication strategies, management of educational projects and departments, we aim for a bottom-up and participatory organisation, in which people that can explore their expertise in the context of a larger goal and shared plan. More…

Suggested work: Coördinator Research Station (2017-2020); Course Leader Graphic design (2010-2017).