Visual Identity Politics and Remix Society


Huey Remixed 2008: Otabenga Jones

In 2008 in Houston, TX (USA), a photo collage of Huey P. Newton in a rattan chair with cut ‘n’ paste heads made by Otabenga Jones and Associates, was published as part of a mixed media in mail packet to “Grow Black Growth Activity”.

Grow Black Growth Activity page 14 2008, Otabenga Jones and Associates

“We, collective we, Otabenga Jones & Associates (OJA) strive to preserve and promote the core principles of the Black radical tradition, and—in the great words of O’Shea Jackson— “OPEN THE EYES OF EACH!!!”:
After 1968, Contemporary artists and the Civil Rights Legacy, publication on the occasion of the exhibition, High Museum of Art, 2008