Huey’s Re-Mix 2015: Slauson Girl

Slauson Girl is a Writer and Journalist from South Central, Los Angeles.

While in her undergrad at Humboldt State University she produced a weekly column entitled “Slauson Girl Speaks,” which won 1st-place in a multi-state competition.

Her experience as a reporter and editor in college has sparked her love and passion to tell not only her story, but the story of others.

She is currently building and growing her own news platform and hopes to make Slauson Girl a trusted source for independent news and media. Her drive and intent is representation for marginalized communities–including the one she comes from.

Slauson Girl represents the “Ghetto Girl” in inner city America who are left out of mainstream discussion. She hopes to broaden the perspective around girls in the inner city through her branding and writings.

“….Through this process he regained his previously alienated and splintered self-image as a child of the California Black-ghetto–and from this point began the remarkable process of self-analysis, self-education and self-expression…” 



“Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter (October 12, 1942 – January 17, 1969) was an American activist. Carter is credited as a founding member of the Southern California chapter of the Black Panther Party. Carter was shot and killed by a rival group, and is celebrated by his supporters as a martyr in the Black Power movement in the United States.” […] “In the early 1960s Carter was a member of the Slauson street gang in Los Angeles. He became a member of the Slauson “Renegades”, a hard-core inner circle of the gang, and earned the nickname “Mayor of the Ghetto”. Carter was eventually convicted of armed robbery and was imprisoned in Soledad prison for four years. While incarcerated Carter became influenced by the Nation of Islam and the teachings of Malcolm X, and he converted to Islam. He would later renounce Islam after an encounter with Eldridge Cleaver citing contradictions and focus on the black liberation struggle. After his release, Carter met Huey Newton, one of the founders of the Black Panther Party, and was convinced to join the party in 1967.”

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