Mic’s Four Uniforms for Modern Racists

The Identitarian: Kaki Chinos and White Polos + haircut: a Fashy
Related to the Global Identitarian Movement: young whites against immigrant and in defence of Western, White-centered culture. Style provokes the narrative of: respectability, authority and class.

The Dapper White Nationalist: belongs to a small group of White Nationalist Elite, like Richard Spencer. Three piece suits, with vests, cufflinks and pocket-squares are resembling a professorial and intellectual look that lead to an academic presentation that legitimises their long ago scientifically debunked ideas on race.

The Proud boys: Fred Perry-polo’s, fraternity, not necessarily white nationalist, but focusses on traditional gender roles and Western supremacy. Hiding as a hipster, they coopted working class young urban British fashion style of the seventies and eighties (skinhead, punk and mods)

The Traditionalist: a normal-clothes fashion style, the white working class; shirts from Dickies, T-shirts, creating a notion of normal and working-class which gives a strong sense of the ‘right to be here’.